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I got a little too excited playing this and made a fool out of myself playing it but this game was just that fun and awesome in my opinion. I can't wait to play more! If you don't mind how overly excited and hyped up I got playing it, I did make a gameplay video if you want to see how much I enjoyed it! :D


This game happily rectifies nature's mistake of not providing us with 360 degree vision.

I gotta say now that I've played it, I was a little disappointed I couldn't actually shoot behind me and in front of me at once...but I guess that'd be pretty hard. Perhaps this game was meant to be in VR.

I'd honestly buy this hoping more levels were added for $5 or $10 on Steam. Really cool game

Hey in the itch desktop app it says "Not available on Windows".

Before I even play this, I just wanna say that I've fantasized about being able to see in genuine 360 vision ever since childhood. Thanks for making this!


Holy shit ParagonX9, such a long time! The 360 degree view is a freaking cool idea.
Great job guys!